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Welcome to the website of Kevyt – Association of Premature Babies' Parents

About us

Kevyt (MLL Meilahden yhdistys ry) is an association which is operated by volunteers. Kevyt shares information about prematurity, and our goal is to help families to cope in different situations with premature children. We also arrange different kind of events for families with preemie child or children. Feel free to participate in our activities and ask if you have something you'd like to ask us. Please contact us on kevyt(at)

Become a member of Kevyt association

If you wish to become a member, please contact us via e-mail: jasenasiat(at)

We'll need the following information about you: Your full name, home address and your date of birth. If you wish, you may add your telephone number, e-mail address and occupation as well.

When you become our member, you'll be automatically a member of The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare as well. Our membership fee is 28 e per year (2016). 

A member of this association gets a lot of benefits, for example the magazine of MLL (Lapsemme, in Finnish unfortunately) and the national benefits of MLL members. We have also some online shops and other companies that provide discounts for our members.
For further information, see here.

Kevyt in short

  • was founded in 1997
  • is a part of The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL)
  • officially the name of the association is MLL Meilahden yhdistys ry

We provide

  • support for the families with preemie children
  • possibilities to meet other families in a similar situation
  • possibilities to participate in our activities
  • different ways to find information about prematurity


Support for parents with premature babies

Parents with premature children have many experiences to share with other parents. There is always something new to experience and new things to learn. Kevyt association offers a supportive network which helps you to meet and get to know new people with similar experiences and situations as you. Two different ways to meet other parents with premature children are attending our events and discussing in our discussion forums. We have an English language forum in our discussion forums.

If you feel you're in need for a long-term or personal support, we have a list of mothers who have offered to help other parents. Please contact us on tuki(at) Tell us what kind of support you would like and we find a suitable person to help you. Feel free to contact us, you don't have to stay alone and feel lonely.

Current events

Kevyt association arranges different kind of events year-round. We have events for families, children, and mothers. Find out more about our popular events from Events page. And please feel free to ask us.

Discussion forums of Kevyt association

Kevyt association has its own discussion forums. There are separate forums for different situations, for example pregnancy, birth, hospital care, a premature baby at home, twins etc. There are also conversations about older premature kids and school. Most of the conversations are in Finnish, but we have also opened a forum in English. There you can discuss about everything that is related to preemie babies and kids. Feel free to write a message in English in other (Finnish language) forums, too.

The discussion forums are for registered users only and the users have to introduce themselves before they can attend a conversation. First, after registration you should introduce yourself to the administrators and they will then approve your membership for the forums. After that you can introduce yourself in our “Esittelyt” section or in English language forum or both, if you wish to do so.
Welcome to discuss in our forums!

Knowledge about prematurity

Premature birth is the birth of a baby before the standard period of pregnancy is completed. Prematurity is considered to occur when the baby is born sooner than 37 weeks is completed. Premature babies are at greater risk for developing serious health problems
than other babies.

See also Wikipedia.

Parental participation in modern neonatal care by MD, PhD Owe Ewald, Dept. of Neonatalogi, Uppsala University Hospital.
A presentation in Tampere in 2008.



The European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI)